High-pressure wash Solutions

You can rely on us for all  your  high-pressure wash solutions and exterior property restorations needs through our pressure cleaning and surface sealing methods.

What We do

Our On-Site Equipment

At all times we adhere to the Australian Safety Standards and only utilise Australian certified, industry-approved professional exterior high-pressure wash solutions. According to manufacturing specifications, our pressure cleaning and surface sealing methods continually respects acceptable equipment guidelines and procedures.

  • Our equipment can deliver cold & hot water up to 120 degrees Celsius. 
  • We can engage adjustable water pressures of up to 4000 PSI & use a water flow rate of 22 liters per minute. 

Taking into account temperature, PSI and water flow rate; your project becomes a time and cost-effective wash solution within your property restoration needs.

Materials and Technology

Subject to each chosen exterior high-pressure wash solution and in order to maintain your property restoration goals, we will always apply the correct wash procedures and temperature to each individual job. Therefore our pressure cleaning and surface sealing methods will continually coincide with your asset requirements.

Our approach to each solution has always focused on adopting methods that eliminate the use of harmful chemicals that can damage our ecosystem, including damaging and discolouring your assets. Consequently, at your request we can apply environmentally friendly solutions to each and every project. 

Your Property

Your exterior assets are for the most part robust, withstanding the harshest of elements; nevertheless, each property restoration has its own individual challenges. Over time, the degeneration of your assets can affect the integrity of its surfaces. We take this into account for every project and in order to obtain optimal pressure cleaning and surface sealing results, will adjust our exterior high-pressure wash solutions accordingly. 


  •  Hazards and risks on  work sites are identified and controlled according to company, legislative and occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements
  • Type and condition of surfaces are identified by observation according to work requirements.
  • Work site access requirements are identified according to work requirements.
  • Size and usage pattern of work sites  are determined to ensure safety of personnel and efficient use of equipment and solutions.
  • Effectiveness and suitability of wash pressure is assessed according to legislative, OHS and environmental requirements.
  • Cleaning techniques are selected according to manufacturer specifications and environmental, legislative, OHS requirements.
  • Pre-existing damages  are  identified and reported to appropriate persons according to project requirements.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is selected and used according to manufacturer specifications, and OHS requirements.